Extra Energy Dance

Costumes and choreography to individual needs

Customized Show Acts

Customized Act

Show Acts to your demands

We will customize Show Acts to your demands and criteria. Together with the customer, we will create an individual act that will perfectly address your target group.

Perfect for the following events:

Details about our customized show acts

Good to know

We rely on our own choreographies, artists, equipment and costumes in terms of our customized performances. Along with them, we create something new for your production. Get in touch with us, we will have a chat on your project.

  • customized show acts
  • variety of costumes
  • eligible topics
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor events
  • perfect for big events and also small sized performances
  • events the fair trade, gala or opening
  • up to 80 000 people

Fits to indoor or outdoor events

Examples of our Show Acts

You will find a few examples of our customized shows in our video show reel that have been especially produced for our clients. No matter if your event will be for business, gala or award show, let us know about your wish and need. We will be glad to propose for you a suitable act.