Extra Energy Dance

Stage show and walk act

Pas de Bleu (Duet)/ Lighting Gale (Solo)


Show Act Pas de Bleu

A Symphonie of light. Venician Prinzipessa/s dressed in refined empire costumes – that changes through their dance, suddenly thousand of blue lights, lights up in their dresses and hair. The performances promises illuminated moments.

Suitable for the following events
  • Grand Openings
  • Roadshows
  • Fair trade events
  • Stage performance

Seducing and entertaining

Good to know

Also up to 4 dancers possible. The costumes are equipped with illuminating elements which will get the greatest attention in a darker surrounding such as a gala evening. The costumes can be adapted to your brand or corporate identity.

  • 1-4 artists
  • show act with illuminating costumes
  • elegant and harmonic moves
  • on stage performance
  • Indoor show act to open a show program
  • Elegant walk act
  • Final act of a show
  • entertaining and surprising people

from 5 min on

Draw the attention to your event

Pas de Bleu
Extra Energy Dance Performance Pas de bleu