Extra Energy Dance

Pascal Sani

Dancer, Choreographer

Pascal Sani is a well known dancer and choreographer who has performed at theaters and galas all over the world. He have had solo dance engagements and performed leading roles in various theaters like Maurice Bejarts famous ┬╗Ballet of the XXth Century┬ź, Ballet van Vlanderen, theaters in Linz and Innsbruck (Austria), Z├╝rich (Schweiz), and K├Âln, D├╝sseldorf, Bonn (Germany) amongst others.
He has received several prices in La Rochelle in France, Dubai and Germany for his dance and choreography.

Pascal and his wife Lotta Svalberg founded extra energy, a production company for their creations. Performing and creating for stages all over the world.

┬╗It is the picture in it’s totality witch is the source of inspiration. It is not just the goal but the path that leads us there.┬ź

Pascal Sani



Pascal Sani trained at the state-run La Rochelle conservatory in France and was awarded for the first prize at the end of his studies.
For eight years he was a member of Maurice Bejart’s famous ┬╗Ballett of the xxth century┬ź performing until hundredthirty shows per year – fast eight months touring around the world per saison.
He was a dancer in the ┬╗Ballet van Vlanderen┬ź production by Robert Denvers. As a soloist in the Tanzforum K├Âln he performed in ┬╗Lulu┬ź, ┬╗Sherazade┬ź, ┬╗Dansas Solitarias┬ź, ┬╗Romeo&Juliet┬ź, ┬╗Archilleus┬ź, ┬╗Peer Gynt┬ź, ┬╗La Cabina 26┬ź and other productions directed & choreographed by Jochen Ulrich, like ┬╗Schlagschatten des Mondes┬ź and ┬╗pasolini┬ź. He gave guest performances in the D├╝sseldorf and Duisburg opera as Johan in ┬╗Salome┬ź and as Droselmaier in ┬╗The Nut cracker┬ź in Z├╝rich as well as in the lead role in Nijinskij’s ┬╗L’apres-Midi d’un Faune┬ź.
As a guest performer at the Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck he performed in ┬╗Romeo and Juliet┬ź and ┬╗Casanova┬ź (choreography Jochen Ulrich) and in the ┬╗Choreographisches Theater┬ź in Bonn he performed in the ┬╗Le Sacre du Printemps┬ź and ┬╗Gilgamesch┬ź (choreographed by the director Pavel Mikul├í┼ít├şk). Pascal was dancing in Eric Trottiers piece ┬╗Arena┬ź in F├╝rth and Luxembourg. He was as well emploied as a guest dancer in the ┬╗Landes Theater┬ź in Linz in ┬╗Cinderella┬ź, ┬╗Campo Amor┬ź, ┬╗Anna Karenina┬ź & ┬╗Michelangelo┬ź.


2017 Extra Energy opened a new dance studio in Bonn. It serves as a training center and as place for preparing Extra Energy choreographies.

Pascal has been teaching classic dance at the dance school KULT together with Lotta Svalberg as a team (technique, repertoire, Pas de Deux and training for adolescence ) for advanced.

Since 2017 Lotta and Pascal are teaching dance for “Key to Success” at the Sports Boarding School with Klaus Breitung as the executive and the German athletic Alexandra Wester.


As a choreographer

by extra-energy

  • ┬╗Catch Time┬ź, 02.03.12, Hansesaal L├╝nen – choreography, dance, costumes & concept
  • ┬╗The element show┬ź & ┬╗Turn of the Tide┬ź – choreography, dance, costumes & concept with live music from Tierra Negra for ┬╗Ms Europa┬ź
  • ┬╗Flash&Flow┬ź & ┬╗White Samuray┬ź – dance, choreography, costumes, ┬╗Salz Lager┬ź, Essen
  • ┬╗Magica Mystica┬ź – dance & choreography
  • All extra energy acts & productions – dance, choreography, costumes & conceptions

Projekte & Filme, Preise

  • Pascal performed in ┬╗Diamonds & Roses┬ź (choreographed by Eric Trottier) at the Landes Theater F├╝rth
  • Pascal was ┬╗Castipiani┬ź in the TV production ┬╗Lulu┬ź (a dance theater film choreographed by Jochen Ulrich).
  • He worked as a photo model with Dieter Blums for ┬╗Eros Tanz┬ź and ┬╗Ecstasy┬ź and several Photo model sessions for Paul Le claire.
  • Pascal performed in ┬╗Lieb┬ź, a dance theater piece in the ┬╗Alte Feuerwache┬ź in Cologne.
  • In ┬╗Deutschland sucht ein Supertalent 2011┬ź & ┬╗Der kl├╝gste Deutsche 2011┬ź he performed in a Shadow Theater piece.
  • Pascal acted in Barbara Marheinekes Mokumentary ┬╗Green Gold┬ź, premiere 2011.