Extra Energy Dance

magical and mysterious

Magic Movers

Car Show Act_Extra Energy Dance

Magic Movers Show Act

Like magic, the Magic Movers seem to float above the ground. They are both delicate, majestic, seductive, as well as funny and entertaining.Ā 

Suitable for following events:

Eye-catcher on all events

Good to know

The Magic Movers (green trees, crystal lady) is a dynamic show act that is performed outside or inside a building, on stage or on a wide terrain (expo, fair trade, festival).

  • floating artist, artist is taller than the audience
  • no stage needed
  • silent movement
  • equipped with soundsystem, free selection of music
  • flat and hassle free ground
  • costumes available that fits to your corporate identity
  • eyecatcher on festive events, fair trades, expositionsĀ 
  • in order to astonish visitors or clients on a conference or day-long conferences
  • suitable for guiding customers to the point of sale (POS-Marketing)
  • perfect as a opener on awarding events product presentations or festivals
  • promotional events for your product or service
  • 2 or more Magic Movers available
  • duration of performance: 15 min or longer
  • size of audience: 80 000 Pax and more possible

Ideal als Indoor- oder Outdoor Event

Indoor Events

Floating artists are moving among the crowd. They are going to impress your visitors on your event by their artistic movements, music and costumes. Every Magic Mover can be equipped with a soundbox. A highlight that will astonish your guests or clients at your event

Suitable for:

360Ā° Video

Hand-CursorIn order to watch entirely the 360Ā°-Video, please move the Hand-Cursor on the video-image from left to right and from top to the bottom.

2. Option: Click on the steering-wheel at the top left corner in order to move in any direction of the virtual video.

Outdoor Events

Green trees that fit to a certain scenery. They are moving from one place to another and will impress adults and children, your target group on a festival or as entertaining or opening part of your show.

Suitable for: