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Frequently asked questions


Yes, we have our performances all over the world.

The sooner the better. Depending on your showact entry requirements such as visa or international cargo regulations have to be organized and respected (this is applicable in particular for show acts such as the Magic Movers).

Show Acts

The costs are based upon the size or efforts and the number of artists booked. The price is also depending on costumes and choreography that is booked from Extra Energy or either customized by us. Please let us know an get in touch with us. We can provide you with details on that. We are looking forward to helping you.

If the performance is held within Germany, then we will travel by car. Longer distances are traveled by plane whereas the Magic Movers have to be sent before. Travelling by the cargo plane or a bigger transporter is required then. That will cost time for its organization and it depends also on the arrival time getting to the event.

Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the size of the lithium batteries. 

We are pleased to perform more than one act on the same evening. Please be aware of the fact, that we need time to change our costumes or make-up inbetween. Get in touch with us to chat on details. We are happy to help you. 


We are creating the costumes on our own. It takes al lot of time to bring them to life. It also takes a long path from the idea to the show act performed. Some are created within months. The magic is to find the perfect creation to the perfect dance movements. 

Unfortunately, we do not rent our costumes. Since we consider us as the ideal performers in the costumes of our own, we ´d love to perform the show act for you. 

Yes, we will. That is possible.

Sure. That is no problem. There are optionally some fee on extra luggage. Please give us the info in advance about which act will be held at what time. 
Depending on the time, we can adapt the colors to your corporate identity. This involves additional efforts and material. 


Yes, that is possible. Please get in touch with us and will have further talks on details.

Every dancer has a profound and professional experience on stage – equipped with individual qualities an special dancing skills. Each dancer has an expressive, charismatic and energetic appearance. 

Yes, that is possible. We are happy to work with you on a joint show act.

Not everyone but some of them know many performances by heart already.